Version 1.0.0

Initial version


  • HTTP interceptor
  • Console logs interceptor
  • User interaction interceptor
  • Navigation interceptor

Version 1.1.0

Added screen recording, screenshots. More compact layouts, a lot of bugfixes.


  • Implemented screen recording
  • Implemented screenshots
  • Improved network cards UI

Version 1.2.0

Added Websocket support


  • WebSocket interceptor

Version 1.3.0

Adding screenshots and screen recordings to the logs. Attaching static, styled html in generated logs archive. Automatically adding all the screenshots and screen recordings taken to the generated logs archive.


  • Automatically add screenshots to generated logs archive
  • Automatically add screen recordings to generated logs archive
  • Show screen recordings in logs
  • Show screenshots in logs

Version 1.4.0

Automatically generate end-to-end tests from user interaction events


  • Automatically generate Cypress tests
  • Automatically generate Playwright tests
  • Automatically generate Puppeteer

Version 1.5.0

Advanced HTTP filters, device info, better E2E generation, GraphQL


  • Advanced HTTP filters - eliminate the noise from the logs and make it easier to find what matters
  • End-to-end - More widely used test attributes support data-cy, data-test, data-testid in end-to-end test generator
  • Device info - resolution, user agent will be exported with the logs to make debugging even easier
  • GraphQL support - GraphQL requests will be parsed and formatted so it's easier to see queries, mutations and subscriptions
  • Better, more responsive UI

Version 1.6.0

Hiding sensitive data, advanced Websocket filters, Monito API


  • Hiding sensitive data - now you can specify which parts of the logs you want to remove before extracting
  • Advanced Websocket filters - filter out not needed Websocket frame types
  • Monito API - if you use Monito on daily basis you can send custom events from your web application and they will automatically appear in the logs
  • Bugfixes

Version 2.0.0

Simplified design, refreshed website, Stripe Checkout integration


  • Refreshed website, blog and Stripe Checkout integration instead of Gumroad
  • Refreshed extension design, new fonts, better UX
  • Desktop Capture extension API usage for handling screen/window/tab recording
  • Bugfixes