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Effortless way to create
bug reports

Monito's browser extension records everything that is happening in a web application and allows you to create bug reports quickly.
It also automatically creates end-to-end tests for you.

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Monitor all the application activity

Monito records network requests, user interaction events, navigation, console logs, screenshots and screen recordings you have made in a single view

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Extract all the information in one click

When testing is done you can export all the logs, including screenshots and recordings in a single zip archive

The extracted logs have all the data in raw JSON format as well as human readable, styled, static HTML.The example logs generated by Monito you can find here

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What about end-to-end testing?

Generate end-to-end tests automatically

Save hours of work by generating Cypress, Playwright and Puppeteer end-to-end tests automatically

All-in-one testing toolkit

Everything you need to create bug that reports developer love

Monito will help you to find bugs, generate accurate reports, and save time

Network activity

Logs all the network requests including HTTP and WebSocket traffic

User interactions

Registers all the user activity including clicks, double clicks, keydown, select and submit events.

Console logs

Intercepts all the console logs emitted by application

Navigation events

Registers all the navigation events that happened that during the session

Generate reports

Easily generate reports with all the recorded information in a single zip archive

Screen recording

Allows you to easily record a screen, window or selected browser tab


Take application screenshots anytime

End to end tests

Generate Cypress, Playwright and Puppeteer E2E tests automatically

Where can I use it?

Supported browsers

Monito works in every Chromium based browser including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave

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Frequently asked questions

How can I install the extension?
The easiest way is to install it is Chrome Web Store. After installation and seven days trial, you will need to buy a license from Gumroad to continue usage.
Is there a shortcut to open the extension?
Yes. When browser with installed extension is opened, just hitCMD+Shift+Y on Mac or CTRL+Shift+Y on Windows/Linux
I have many tabs opened, which one will be monitored by Monito?
Monito will work for a tab that was active when you opened the extension. Monito records events from a single tab only. You can have multiple Monito instances opened. Each instance will be tied to the tab that was active when the extension was opened.
Does it work in Firefox?
Not yet. For now Monito only works in Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Brave, Edge etc.)

From the blog

Monito learning resources, news and more

“Monito makes it incredibly easy to see what my webapp is up to, and to track down exactly where errors occurred. The ability to export readable logs is a life saver.”


Buy a lifetime license

Buying Monito is a one-time purchase. You'll be receiving all the updates for free. Includes Chrome Extension, Opera Extension, Edge Add-On and Brave Extension


To test Monito for 7 days for free download it from Chrome Web Store.
Requires license activation after trial period.

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Single person, unlimited browsers

  • Single user, lifetime license

  • Unlimited browsers

  • Chrome Extension

  • Edge Add-On

  • Brave Extension

  • Opera Extension



Unlimited users, unlimited browsers

  • Organization, lifetime license

  • Unlimited browser and users

  • Priority support

  • Chrome Extension

  • Edge Add-On

  • Brave Extension

  • Opera Extension